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Find out about having Joe Coates as a speaker at your next conference, meeting or seminar. Call (202) 363-7440 or e-mail Joe at joe@josephcoates.com

"Your input was really invigorating; a leader born for turbulent times, perhaps?"
-- an Omni editor

"Your talk was really provocative and nearly tore people out of their chairs. I hope it set people thinking in new directions."
-- an IBM executive

"The reaction from the group has been tremendous. I've received nothing but compliments on the session. You helped to make our meeting very successful."
-- a corporate executive

"Your humor and insights were a great asset in keeping the audience's attention."
-- a telephone industry executive

"Your presentations were exactly what the doctor ordered. Interesting. Challenging. Thought- provoking."
an association executive

"...valuable insights... you made us think about the changes we face in coming decade."
-- a Bellcore executive

"Your presentation material was interesting and provocative... your unique presentation style made the talk very entertaining... (it) was consistently noted as a highlight of the conference..."
-- Chairman, Conference Organizing Committee, Petro-Canada

"Your remarks generated a lot of discussion and helped focus several concerns we have been wrestling with."
-- a NASA executive

"...a very impressive, knowledgeable, resourceful and stimulating speaker. I was especially pleased with his ability to add meaning to observed trends..."
-- a utility executive

"(Your) talk was was consistently rated as a highlight of the conference."
-- a conference chairman

Joe Coates is a world-renowned thinker, writer, and speaker on the future

After leading Coates & Jarratt, Inc. through more than two decades of designing and delivering studies on the future of technology, business and government, Joe retired from the company he founded to become a consulting futurist.

In the course of his pioneering future studies, Joe has consulted with 45 of the Fortune 500 companies and numerous smaller firms, scores of professional,trade and public interest groups, and with all levels of government.

He is the author of more than 300 articles, chapters, papers, and publications and currently writes columns for Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Research and Technology Management and Personnel Management and is on the editorial boards of nine publications. He is co-author of 2025: Scenarios of U.S. and Global Society Reshaped by Science and Technology (Oakhill, 1997), Future Work (Jossey Bass, 1990), What Futurists Believe (World Future Society, 1989), and Issues Management (Lomond, 1986). Joe was also on the editorial board of the Encyclopedia of the Future (Macmillan, 1996).

Joe presents to about 50 groups per year all over the world. His speeches on the future appear in Vital Speeches of the Day and Representative American Speeches. For two years Joe created and hosted a program on the future for National Public Radio, and, as an active member of the World Future Society, he plans, organizes, and takes part in sessions at Society meetings.

Joe was an adjunct professor at the George Washington University, where he taught graduate courses on the future and on technology. His career includes work as an analyst for a nonprofit think tank and positions with the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. He holds 19 patents from his first career as an industrial chemist.


Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute
Penn State
University of Pennsylvania

Honorary Doctorate (1985), Claremont Graduate School

To find out more about Joe Coates as a speaker at your conference or seminar, please call (202) 363-7440 or e-mail Joe at joe@josephcoates.com

Named a fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Center for Impact Assessment Studies and Forecasting (CIASF) in Warsaw, Poland

President of the Kanawha Institute for the Study of the Future

President of the International Association for Impact Assessment, (1982-83)

President of the Association for Science, Technology and Innovation, (1982-83)

Member of the Board of Directors of the Issues Management Association

Member of the Advisory Board, Franklin Institute's Future Center

Member of the Washington Academy of Sciences

Member of the New York Academy of Sciences

Member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society

Cited in Who's Who in America

Member of the Human Resources Planning Society

Member of the Planning Forum

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Member of the United Nations Environmental Program's Advisory Group on Technology Assessment

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